Bet on Car Racing

Car racing has always been a popular betting sport. Cars were invented in the nineteenth century and had taken the world by a huge revolution in the fields of technology. This revolution took the world by a huge storm and technological advancements started happening with every single day. Gaming and sports have never strayed too far from technological advancements, and with the advent of faster cars, newer and newer sports began to emerge that included them. Car racing has always been one of the most popular and violent sports, and some of the famous car races, like the Formula 1 car race has been the most beloved amongst the car racing events.

The Ultimate Car Racing Events & Schedule

Here are some of the most popular car racing events from the world:

  • FORMULA MONACO GRAND PRIX: This is the most prestigious car racing event in the world which has existed since the year 1929. This car racing tournament is held in the street of the city of Monaco, including corners, tunnels, and elevation changes.
  • NASCAR EVENTS: NASCAR is the brand that deals with racing cars of a specific type. This is America‚Äôs greatest car racing event organizer. The Daytona 500 is the most prestigious event in the history of NASCAR. This game was originally held in 1959 and has continued since then.
  • BATHURST 1000: This is a car racing event that is held in New South Wales in Australia. This is the greatest and the most prestigious Australian Race Car Tournament.
  • INDIANAPOLIS 500: This car racing game is an Open American Wheel racing tournament and too many, the fastest racing tournament in America. This tournament was first held in the year 1911 and has over 200 laps in a counter-clockwise direction around Indianapolis.

How to Bet on Car Racing: Tips & Odds

If you are new to car racing games, then you must know that you can bet on your choice of champion in these games. The best way to start betting on car racing events is through online casinos. You can choose the car racing event of your choice, your favorite contestant and then open an account on an online casino site, and then start betting by connecting your account to your bank or any other payment system. These sites also provide a certain casino bonus amount, applying which you can start betting without having to add in a deposit amount by yourself. The casino bonus amount can help you in sports betting in these legal casinos and you can win real money from them.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Exotics Racing

This is a motor speedway that is situated in the state of Nevada and is about 15 miles away from the LAS Vegas strip. It has some of the greatest tracks in the whole country fit for car racing of various types. The NASCAR uses a length of 1.5 miles, and this is used for this racing track even today. If you are a fan of racing, then you ought to check out any tournament held here.